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Meet Gina K

Welcome! I'm Gina K, the owner and creative director for Gina K. Designs and StampTV. I started stamping in 1995 after my first daughter was born. I went to a home stamping party and I was hooked! Shortly after that, I became a demonstrator for that company and fell in love with everything to do with stamps, paper, and ink. In 2006, I decided to start my own company and Gina K. Designs was born. As one of the first crafty YouTubers, I decided to create a community for paper crafters around my StampTV YouTube videos. The StampTV community quickly became a community of over 100,000 paper crafters who support and celebrate each other. I really wanted to build a community where everyone fits in. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you love stamping and paper crafting, you are in. The StampTV community has helped a lot of people find friendship and happiness. It's a wonderful place to grow your creative wings with lots of support. And now it's all under one roof here at Gina K. Designs.  I'm really so blessed to have such a great support team! My family, friends, illustrators, design team, moderators, and staff are all key to the success and growth of Gina K. Designs. My husband and two daughters work with me every day to bring new products, ideas, and innovations to the paper crafting world. My goal is to continue to offer high-quality products through Gina K. Designs and high-quality videos through my YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy our new website and I hope you'll find a home here! Hugs, Gina K.