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ADHESIVE- Masking Magic STRIPS 5 in x 7 in (8 sheets)


Gina K Designs Masking Magic Strips have all of your masking techniques covered! Pre-cut to convenient 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" widths, these ultra-thin, delicate-tack, adhesive-backed paper strips are designed to give crisp, clean results without tearing or leaving a sticky residue on your projects. They are perfect for creating lines, borders and patterned backgrounds like stripes or plaids as well as masking off greetings and sentiments. Masking Magic Strips are reusable and won't create an unwanted halo effect along edges.

  1. Select desired size(s) of Masking Magic Strips and peel from printed liner.
  2. Place strip(s) on project in desired area(s) and use your favorite stamping ink blending or coloring techniques on project.
  3. Remove strip(s) to reveal design

Package includes: 
Teal 1/8 in wide- 2 sheets
Red 1/4 in wide- 3 Sheets
Green 1/2 in wide- 3 Sheets